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Lucian Duma
Lucian is Social Media Manager https://twitter.com/euneoscourses and Erasmus Plus Trainer in #euneoscourses Lucian was graduated Eftimie Murgu University from Resita in 2004 . Now he is a teacher and researcher in Caransebes, Romania and in 2013 was selected Microsoft PILTRAINER, he was invited to be Horizon Project Europe Expert Advisory Board member , He is Glogster Edu, SymbalooEdu, Edcanvas, Mendeley Ambassador https://lucianecurator.contently.com . 2 years Lucian was judge, mentor and coach in ThinkQuest Global Projects Competition . In 2012 he was leader in SMILE Project and in 2010 was leader in TIS Project booth managed by European Schoolnet . http://xeeme.com/LucianeCurator ;http://bitly.com/LucianEDTechCurator who win a IPAD in Global Competition with PLN help http://bitly.com/LucianeCuratorthankyoubecausewinIpad or simply a educator hwo teach SEN students how to integrate new technologies online web 2.0 and Social Media into the classroom http://checkthis.com/fvn/ . Follow https://twitter.com/lucianecurator and http://twitter.com/web20education .Now he write / describe weekly Top 10 http://teacherluciandumaweb20.blogspot.com/ ,and describe daily: curation edtools http://edtech20curationprojectineducation.blogspot.com/ ; startup edtools http://startup4edu.blogspot.com/ , ipad apps http://ipadappsineducationtomlearning.blogspot.com/ .His #edtech20 project ,, , Teach, learn and play using in a eSafety mode new tools and applications web 2.0 and social media in education 2.0 "finalist project in Elearning Awards 2010;runner up in the cathegory ENISA award for teaching online safety and citizenship sponsorized by Enisa and European Schoolnet .For this project he made many websites and groups using web 2.0 and Social Media in XXI Century Education. This year is the 3 -rd year when Lucian is the coordinator of the project ,, Different, but equal " - He present this project in European Parliament from Bruxelles because whas selected from 44 participants in the 8 finalists in 4 november 2009 http://teacherluciandumaweb20.blogspot.com/2010/01/remember-2009-i-was-finalist-in.htmlHe was a presenter in Co13 Conference, Global Education Conference 2010 and in CO11 Free Anual Conference on wiziq . Now he live in Caransebes with his wife Simona and Amina daughter I am Lucian http://xeeme.com/LucianeCurator , a normal teacher from Caransebes, Romania who want to bring knowledge in XXI Century Education using new online technologies ( tools and applications semantic web 3.0 and web 2.0 ) who want to became a social media curatorhttp://www.scoop.it/u/web20education and researcher . In 2012 I was selected leader in Smile Project for ,, Using Social Media in Schools - whole school approach - Community of Practicehttp://bitly.com/collaborationincop2smile I am proud because I develop many educational free projects and I win next prizes : My web 2.0 project , now Curation restart education project http://credproject.visibli.com/share/SkZjmz was finalist in Elearning Awards 2010 http://web20education.bo.lt/credprojectfinalistinElearningAwards2010 and I present in European Pariament from Bruxelles my project ,, Different, but equal " http://proiectdiferitidaregali.ning.com/ because I was finalist in AtmosphEuropaContest http://web20education.bo.lt/finalistinAtmosphEuropaContestEuropeanParliament My research : 2011 - My project with students http://e-safety4etwinners.wikispaces.com/ : ,,eSafety4eTwinners-web 2.0 and social media use eTwinners 4 preventing school dropout" was selected in the exhibition organized by Microsoft, MECTS, EOS in Innovators Forum in Education2012 http://bit.ly/fie2012 from 80 projects in the brochure Top 10 best practices in ElearningEuropa Teachers competition for Social Media use in Formal Language Learning Context http://elearningeuropa.info/en/book/full-description-practice-2 . I was in 2011 mentor in Teacher Challenge .I was judge and also coach for my school in ThinQuest projects , and I am Glogster Edu Ambassador and Symbaloo Edu Certificated teacher . I am happy because my eTwinning project ,, Different, but equal " launch in 2008 is developed now like a Comenius Project http://proiectdiferitidaregali.ning.com/ . Still 2011 I am eTwinning mentor and I made a facebook group for eTwinners mentors and mentees -https://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/etwinningmentors/ . I obtatin still now in eTwinning projects 7 European Quality Label . I am also facilitator against school dropout because I was participated in Timisoara to the workshop organized in the project ,, School came at your home “with European Founds .I am also registered to partipate to the courses and modules organized in the project ,, PROFESIONALIZAREA CARIEREI DIDACTICE - NOI COMPETENȚE PENTRU ACTORI AI SCHIMBĂRILOR ÎN EDUCAȚIE DIN JUDEȚELE CARAȘ -SEVERIN ȘI MEHEDINȚI ID 6242”http://www.meca62421.ro/index.php/home-3 Welcome in the new Age of Curationhttp://bit.ly/curationglog http://bitly.com/ecurator @https://twitter.com/#!/web20education - wish you all Lucian http://xeeme.com/ecurator/ . I invite to register to join free http://bitly.com/docedtech20 #edtech20 #socialmedia #curation projecthttp://web20education.bo.lt/g6538 subscribe free to our new newsteller http://bitly.com/edtech20newsteller and Install free our #mlearning apphttp://bitly.com/edtech20mLearningapp .Like and collaborate on facebookhttp://on.fb.me/likeedtech20facebookpage and Circle on Google Plus http://bitly.com/circleedtech20googlepluspageand Subscribe free to gr8 #edtech20 blogshttp://bitly.com/feededtech20blogs related to new web 2.0, social mediastartups http://bitly.com/web20eblog , curationhttp://bitly.com/curationblog ; mLearning appshttp://bitly.com/mLearningblog , google plushttp://bitly.com/googleplusblog , gr8 bloghttp://bitly.com/egr8blog and my romanian bloghttp://bitly.com/eblogulmeu 2010 - My #edtech20 project ,, , Teach, learn and play using in a eSafety mode new tools and applications web 2.0 and social media in education 2.0 " was finalist project in Elearning Awards 2010 ; runner up in the category ENISA award for teaching online safety and citizenship sponsorized by Enisa and European Schoolnethttp://tinyurl.com/pfinalistineLearningAwards2010 . I launch this project because in 2010 I was accepted to work in TIS / INSAFE project by European Schoolnet . I made a team from next european teachers - eTwinners : Coordinator Lucian Cornel Duma (ROMANIA) - me , Aureo Torres (SPAIN) ,Maria Sourgiadaki (GREECE) ,Catalina Nicolin ( MECTS Romania ) and Inge de Cleyn ( Belgium ) . We work all at this module proposed by me is called ,, How teachers and students can use free web 2.0 and social media in education 2.0 “ and our Teaching Unit and all the resources where presented on Teachtoday website between 21- 22 octomber 2010 at Safer Internet Forum in Louxembourg . We made next 4 teaching units :  1. Free microblogging safely in education : Twitter apps 2. Free blogging safely in education 3. Free animation 2.0 safely in education 4. How to introduce Internet safety issue via the discovery of free virtual worlds , Second Life. 2009 – I whas selected from 44 participants in the 8 finalists in AtmosphEuropa Contest and I present my eTwinning project ,, Different, but equal “ – partenership and collaboration betwwen students with special education needs in Europe in European Parliament http://teacherluciandumaweb20.blogspot.com/2010/01/remember-2009-i-was-finalist-in.html .Also our project was selected finalist project in Global Junior Challenge Competitionhttp://differentbutequaletwinning.webs.com/founderdumalucianrom.htmMy projects was approved to take part under Euorpean Year for Creativity and Innovation http://create2009.europa.eu/about_the_year/participating_countries/romania_romania.htmlIn 2009 I obtatin Gradatie de Merit and here is my Opis http://www.slideshare.net/DUMACORNELLUCIAN/gradatie-de-merit-obtinuta-in-anul-2009
Vizualizați profilul meu complet

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The Virtual Worlds Best Practice in Education (VWBPE) is a community-based conference that provides opportunities for participants in all virtual worlds to share current teaching, learning, and research practices in 3D virtual environments. Conference presentations focus on teaching/learning, scholarly work, projects, events, activities and new and innovative tools for virtual education. Presenters will focus on the identification of best practices in education designed for 3D virtual world technology.
This 53 hour conference will indeed provide opportunities for sharing and further understanding virtual world technology. Whether your virtual adventures take you to Second Life, OpenSim, World of Warcraft, Eve Online or Club Penguin – you are part of a global interconnected network. It’s about people. It’s about community. Its’ about learning. It’s more than a platform – it’s the stories we tell and the way we share them.  The divide between what is real and what is virtual is a state of mind.
You can keep in touch with this conference on facebook  , on twitter  or join second life group .

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